A Shadow In the Sky

The Hammer Falls

The Hammer Falls

Moray has Darcy check on Dietz’s finances, and the finances of everyone in his family. No dice. There are no suspicious financial transactions. Amelia Hawley, the Talent sent over from Harrison Breaker to investigate the crime scene, is a strange woman but has an amazing gift to detect genetic and chemical components in the environment. She determines that Howard Dietz is the locus of the explosion. The cells of his body were charged with nuclear energy. The nuclear energy rises to a crescendo generating heat and then, a few moments prior to detonation, an EMP blast.

Max Mason remembers some of what happened at Mapleton. He had his blood pulled and was hooked up to a lie detector machine. They begin asking him simple questions, “What is your name?”, but rapidly begin moving to questions that make him uncomfortable: “Do you like girls?” The questions pointedly begin to ask questions about his team and their loyalties. Max begins to lose track of time and becomes only distantly aware of the man asking him questions. He sees his arm become translucent and sees stars inside of it. He flexes his hands and the stars move. He is distantly aware that the man asking him questions begins to yell. Distantly, an alarm bell rings. Max wakes up at home and has waffles with his mother. Max’s mom later confides in Robert Moray that Max was very sedate when he came home but was rambling, saying “I didn’t mean to do it!” over and over again.

Moray’s cousin, Marion, calls from Glasgow and tells him to turn on the World News Network. Moray sees that Natalie Nakamora has been taken into custody for potential treason. She was picked up in Madagascar where she was vacationing. Moray asks Brolin for a chance to get information out of Nakamora. Amazingly, Brolin arranges it to be so.

Meridian finds out that Lucia Porto, the Portugese mercenary that he wanted to contact is being held in a Decagon compound outside Mexico City. Spiro tells him that he is unable to break into the compound’s computer system in a reasonable time. Victor, the child rescued by Meridian from the Diablos, says that he can get it done. With surprising ease he enters the compound’s computer system and activates the defense system. Meridian walks in and rescues Lucia.

Everyone meets up in Cincinnati. Vincent and Max are instant friends, transforming his phone into a small rocket ship and finding a bug in it as well. Amelia Hawley notices that Max’s genetics are very complicated. When Moray tells her that Max can change form and says he has 3 forms she tells him that he has more than that. Moray dispenses Spiro to Miami to be a remote operative. Amelia detects some genetic material in his suitcase. Meridian stops him by popping through the mirror in his car (giving him quite a scare). Examining the case it is a laptop only.

Examining the crime scene in Cincinnati Moray finds it very similar to the one in Vermont. With Meridian there he can look back in time at the crime scene and finds that the locus of the explosion was Georges Girardot. Watching him back through time Meridian sees him trace his steps back to his office where he receives a text on his phone. Looking through the phone records Darcie traces a text message sent to Howard Dietz and to Georges Girardot. It is in Arabic and it translates to “The Fulcrum Swings”.
The team decides to head to New York City, unsure if the Decagon is going to take him into custody. He charges Victor with ensuring the plane’s electrical and computer systems are secure. Moray enters the Decagon headquarters and Brolin meets him. They go to an interrogation room and Captain Awesome watches the interview from behind the one way mirror. Moray talks to Brolin before the interview. When asked about where he stands Brolin responds that he is on the right side. A flash of an operation title, Operation White Citadel*. Moments later Brolin pops a name into his head. Anatoly Morozov. Moray recognizes the name as one of the great players of chess in Russia during the 80s. He is also rumored to be a telepath.

Moray enters the interrogation room and talks briefly with Natalie Nakamoro. When describing his week Natalie when he tells her about a message he received through his phone and then the phone fried. He hears a word in her mind. Eidolon. He then asks her about who Promethius is. She responds with a vision of one of the first times they had made love. “Would you like to be on top?” she asks. Moray knows the answer to both questions is yes.

Moray heads out of the interview chamber and pushes Brolin. He implants the telepathic suggestion that he should move Nakamoro immediately by helicopter. He manages to look out the window toward the rest of the team and sends them the message about how Nakamoro is being moved. Behind him Brolin speaks. “We’re going to need to ask you some additional questions, Mr. Moray.” Turning, he sees Brolin and five other agents that have opaque glasses over their eyes.

Moray motions across the street at Meridian to jump in and take out the guards and Brolin.

The Hammer Falls.

*Continuity Edit: I am changing the Operation God Game Black to Operation White Citadel.



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