A Shadow In the Sky

Promethius Saved

A mere 3 weeks after the inadvertent destruction of San Francisco by a young Talent, William Whitehollow. In an amazing cutting of red tape and bureaucratic byways The Decagon has requisitioned and retrofitted a C-17. It is now 10 days past the horrible events in San Francisco. Darcie Barnes joins the team as an administrative assistant and a techno wonder. She has been put onto the team as a form of rehabilitation. Her file says she has rumored contacts with Incognito, an underground hacker group. The contact was tenuous and never proven. The only other personnel that the Decagon was able to secure was a brusque pilot, Nathaniel Henrickson. The plane has some rudimentary bunks and a large storage area down below for the team’s gear. Mr. Brolin says he can have a tactical team anywhere the team goes within 2 hours.

A man named Walter Schamust approaches Captain Awesome at school. He takes Captain Awesome aside and asks him to monitor the rest of the team for anything strange.

Mr. Brolin contacts the group and tells them that there is an underworld operator that has offered up a resistance member named only “Mother”. The operative is a woman named Sara Rydell. Mr. Brolin wants to make contact with her and acquire Mother. The team flies to Chicago and Darcie dials in on an address of Sara Rydell’s parents. She also finds that Sara runs with a group of techies called The Hearthers. They are primarily involved in non-violent activities. Mr. Moray makes contact with the parents and finds them absolutely terrified that they are there. He finds out that they had another son, Derrick. Derrick had a seizure disorder and his file is sealed by a Section 12 (one of the highest clearance levels possible). Natalie Nakamoru , an Emissary of the Hectorate, finds that Derrick was taken into custody by the Decagon almost 8 years prior. Moray calms them down and assures them that he is here to help their daughter, Sara. He leaves them with a business card.

Sara contacts the team and arranges to meet in a parking garage. When they meet her there she agrees to take them to Mother but a team of gunmen have followed Sara to the garage. The gunmen are rapidly dispatched by the group. Sara knows where Mother is and they head straight there.

Arriving at the apartment building where they are keeping Mother, Captain Awesome is wounded badly. Moray talks to Sara, convincing him of his intent to bring down the Decagon and Sara claims to have heard from a member of the Decagon itself. The person identified themselves only as Archstone.

After telling Meridian to take Awesome to the hospital, Moray calmly stands outside the front of the building and in only a few moments takes out an entire group of the fighters. He tracks two of them into the subway tunnel and convinces them, through intimidation, to lay down their arms. After one neglects telling him what he needs Moray kills him. The second one tells him readily that Mother and the others are at the train station.

At the train station they close in on Mother and her guards. Captain Awesome turns into Cyclops and runs down the group. Stiletto, a dangerous talent with a monomolecular spear, attacks Moray through a brick wall and wounds him significantly. Moray scans the crowd and finds that Mother is the little girl. Meridian takes her into custody and Stiletto makes her escape.

Natalie calls back on the Section 12 on Derrick Rydell and says that he was taken into the Decagon under a project called Archstone.

After Natalie leaves her office she wanders down in the retail stores near where she works. It is just past dark and the night air is cool. She stops at her favorite store, Nina’s, and wanders through the clothes for awhile. Even though she usually doesn’t buy anything she enjoys the feel of the fabric. Toward the back of the store there is a small cubby where shoes are on display. A false back in the cubicle reveals a keypad. She types in a quick message and then decides to buy something after all before heading home to her apartment.




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