A Shadow In the Sky

Going South

The team splits. Moray speaks in confidence to Moray who seems to agree with Moray’s assessment of the Decagon. It has to go. Meridian agrees to head down to Mexico City (where there is active conflict going on) to retrieve Victor Vivar.

Meridian contacts a hacker he knows in Mexico City, Spiro Hurtado. Spiro is a whiz with computers and agrees to help Meridian hack into the security system of the notorious Mexico City gang, Los Hondo Diablos. Spiro keeps his word and sets a Trojan Horse into the extremely high tech security system used to keep the Diablos safe from prying eyes. Meridian manages to infiltrate the location that the Diablos use for a computer hub. Meridian dispatches several men with very little trouble. Spiro tells Meridian that the Diablos have Victor Vivar in an abandoned silver mine outside of town. He sets things up for the security system to go down in the mine at a designated time.

He heads to the building in Mexico city where Sara Ridell is meeting with a contact (later found to be Prometheus). He finds Sara knocked down, saying that a small Mexican boy ran through and grabbed the hand off from her contact. Meridian tries to catch the kid but the kid moves REALLY fast (~400 mph fast!) and disappears into the crowds of Mexico City.

Meridian enters the mine and quickly locates Victor. A large man with a tattooed face of a luchador is there to keep Victor safe. His ablative skin explodes violently with every blow Meridian lands. Though he beats the Talent repeatedly his skin appears to be too much to take him down. Meridian shifts tactics and gets the luchador to accidently pierce the fuel cell and cause the whole rocket to explode. Meridian snatches up the boy, Victor, and gets out the door before the explosion consumes the room and all the people in it in fire.

Meanwhile…Robert Moray…

Mr. Moray is contacted concerning an explosion at Hummingbird Instructives. No explosive residue was noted. In an effort to probe outside information lines, Moray contacts the Hectocrat Harrison Breaker based out of New York City. He asks for any help that Breaker can give. Breaker agrees that the mission is of high priority, particularly when Howard Dietz’s name is mentioned and sends a Talent with a knack for examining crime scenes.

Howard Dietz is a master programmer who did work for the higher echelon of the Decagon. He had created a new programming language that he was using to make educational software for children. Moray manages to charm the detective on the case, Calvin Mooney. He speaks with Franklin Deverou, the building manager and even interviews Markus Trevor, the CEO of Hummingbird Instructives. Mr. Trevor informs Moray that the sister lab in Cincinnati, Ohio was just bombed and all of the information that was backed up (all of Dietz’s work) has been destroyed.

Max Mason is called away to a Decagon Testing Facility in Mapleton, Iowa by Mr. Schumacher.



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