Robert Moray

A PR man for the Decagon.


Robert Callum Moray
b. 9 September 1986 (age 28)

Father: the Right Honourable Malcolm MacDonald Moray, fmr. MP (Labour), Argyll & Bute; he is a poorer cousin of the Marquise of Tullibardine.
Mother: Leslie Paget Moray, CEO Uist Medical — a contractor for NHS that does mobile medical services in the Scottish Isles. She’s from a WEALTHY branch of the influential Paget family.
Siblings: Isla MacDonald (age 20; possible talent?), an up and coming Shakespearean stage actress; the Right Honourable Gordon Moray, MP (Labor), Glasgow (age 30)

Moray was born and raised in Helensburgh, Scotland. Privately tutored education until he attended the London College of Business and Finance from 2003-2007.. He graduated firsts in international finance and communications.

Public relations business, Moray and Associates started in 2007 while he was still in school. He is still the president of the company, but is not involved in the day-to-day operations. This is Marion Moray, a cousin (possible Talent?) and sometime lover.

His firm was hired by the Decagon to do European public relations after a disastrous event in 2008 (to be fleshed out), and he swiftly became the European face of the establishment and a conduit to HM Government. After 20011, he was hired directly as a Head Spokesman for the Decagon, then rose quickly to Vice President, Communications for the same. He is now the human “face” of the Decagon.

He keeps his powers under wraps to make him more palatable to the public.

Moray is known for his easy manner, his ability to blend with any crowd from the lowest laborers to the scions of finance and politics. His style of dress, preferences in drink and food, and his manner of speech change as he moves from one group to the next. He naturally dresses very expensively, prefers to drive himself when not on business and has an affinity for British sportscars (Morgan Plus 8 or the Aston Martin Vantage.)

He is currently linked to Natalie Nakamora, a Sino-English woman from Hong Kong, and member of the Hectocracy in London.

Robert Moray

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