A Shadow In the Sky

Mother Imprisoned

Mother is taken to a place located in the deserts of Nevada called Camp Bow Wow. It is a secret facility (Section 7 clearance) used to interrogate and imprison moderate level threat supers. Robert Moray and his team are called in to help interrogate the little girl as they have had absolutely no success in getting information out of her. When the team arrives the base commander, Colonel Ryan Halverstan, shows them a video of the atrocities that the interrogation unit under his supervision have performed. Aside from it being extremely graphic and disconcerting (Captian Awesome excuses himself to vomit), the video shows that Mother is able to short circuit any pain or discomfort or she feels no pain at all. Moray recognizes Mother as the twin of the little girl in the apartment building where he killed the resistance workers.

Irate, Robert Moray reprimands Colonel Halverstan for the treatment of this little girl and orders a hamburger, French fries and a chocolate shake for the little girl and then heads in. Moray reaches out to her and she makes a strange face as if concentrating on something. Moray hears her voice in his head. She tells him that she knows that he is trying to bring the Decagon down and that she wants to help but she needs him to do something for her first. Moray tacitly agrees and she says that she needs a small boy brought to safety out of Mexico City. The boy’s name is Victor Alfonso Vivar. After the interrogation he threatens Colonel Halverstan, pushing him some with his mental powers to cow him.

Moray visits the little girl who looks identical to Mother at the Apartment building in Chicago whose name is Mary. Mary will not directly speak to having a connection to Mother but by reading between the lines Moray gathers that this is the case. They have a means to talk to Mother without travelling to Camp Bow Wow.



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